music bottle opener,voice opener,talking opener

1. While opening the bottle, the opener will send out great sound or voice;
2. Opener is only affected by metal cover of bottle;
3. Customized voices or sounds are available , voice or sound time duration : 4,7,10,14,18,21,28S etc
4. Unit Size/weight: 44*158*12mm/48g
5. With enough room for logo affixing
6. Material: MBS, Iron; different colors are available;
7. Package: Blister or Carton required,
Blister packaging : 52.5*38*46cm/200pcs, Weight: 10KG/11KG
Carton packaging : 32*24*34cm/200pcs, Weight: 10KG/11KG
8.RoHS or CE required
9. Mini-order: 5000pcs
10. Delivery time: 18 days after you confirm the sample

Product Origin: China
Model Number: SK-P032
Brand Name: Saike

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Company Name: Saike Tech. Co., Ltd
Contact Person: Mr Tsinglin Wang
Address: 8F Jinse Shui'an Mansion East Nanjing Rd, Nanchang, Jiangxi
Zip: 330077
Telephone: +86-791-2085138
Fax: +86-791-2085139

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