sound book,voice book,talking book

sound book,voice book,talking book

1. Sound or music electronic accessories matching children books, voice triggering by outside 27 buttons;
2. Music or voice time is designed according to customer's demands and standards;
3. Theme and content on sound book is costomized in demand of client;
4. High- quality acoustic, long time duration;
5. Components:
An interactive sound module
Wipe-off pages (books customized)
Wipe-off marker
Full-color illustrations (book printing requirements)
27 sound keys
A built-in speaker
And more!
Customized messages are quite welcomed!

Product Origin: China
Model Number: SK-B097
Brand Name: SAIKE

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Address: 8F Jinse Shui'an Mansion East Nanjing Rd, Nanchang, Jiangxi
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